Damaged Roads

During installation of a backyard pool, the road on Sonoma Lakes Blvd caved in due to the weight of a crane. Liability for the incident has not been determined, so dodge the cones.

Phase 1 Flooding

Primarily within ‘The Sac’, rain will cause yard flooding. Issue has been reportedly addressed by developer.


The pond attracted beavers. Some neighbors loved the beavers. Developer complained the beaver dam led to increase in water level within pond (loved by neighbors) but also endangered the nearby road due to spillway design issues. Beavers are now dead, but the water level and spillway concerns are still outstanding.

Oil Rig site

Oil rig site has been cleaned, supposedly with OERC funding. Developer is considering developing an additional cul-de-sac within the area. No further information known. Site is not regularly maintained.

Pond Algae

Summer 2021, with the absence of beavers, the pond was overcome by algae. After numerous calls to the developer, the developer installed two electrical pond pumps. Supposedly the pond pumps run for 4 hours per day, and thus far, algae is still winning the war.

Undeveloped Lot Maintenance / Developed Lot Clean-up

Homebuilders that purchased lots from developer do not maintain lots. Developer is not interested in intervening with the homebuilders to ensure lots are maintained (per covenants) or cleaned following construction (erosion barriers, wood, bricks, and other construction debris litters the neighborhood until significant complaints are made for the developer to clean up).