Homeowners Association

Currently by the developer, Justin Rhodes, the Homeowners Association (HOA) invoices yearly, usually in September.

The financial status of the HOA is unknown, and has not been public information despite numerous requests. Current known financial liabilities of the HOA are:

  • Lawn care (entry way, pond, along sidewalks of common areas)
  • Electricity (street lamps)
  • Insurance for properties
  • Irrigation (entry way, flower beds)
  • Taxes

Per the covenants, the HOA is responsible for:

  • Management, maintenance, operation, and control of common areas
  • Compliance with and enforcement for its obligations
  • Monitoring compliance and enforcing design guidelines
  • Provide for and fund community activities and services

The HOA should carry blanket insurance policy; however, it is unknown whether the HOA is maintaining insurance.


  • Initial: $400
  • Maximum not to exceed $1,000

There are neighbors who insist that the HOA be handed over to the neighborhood. There are others who want the issues addressed first. Either way, it’s likely not going to happen until Phase 3 is complete and built, as that is when the developer has succeeded in financial benefit.