Homeowners Association Transfer Initiative

Good morning, and happy Sunday.

Moving forward, any new information concerning the Homeowners Association, and the neighborhood in general, will be published and available on this website. The Facebook group is helpful for communicating, and updates will continue to be published there, however with time information is often lost or difficult to find so it’s helpful to keep content easily available here.

Quick summary of where we are today:

  • Several neighbors coalesced to explore measures for transferring the neighborhood Homeowners Association from developer controlled to neighborhood control. After discussions through text, the neighbors decided it was time to retain legal assistance on the actions required to transfer control. Four of the neighbors leading the effort are Donny, Lonnie, Tommy, and Cody. Each have volunteered their time and financial support to initiate and conduct a transfer of the Homeowners Association to enrich the neighborhood.
  • Legal assistance has been acquired to review and advise on the current legal status of the existing Homeowners Association, necessary steps for transfer, and due diligence.
  • The developer has expressed willingness, and participated in steps, with increased responsiveness than previously experienced.

As the situation matures, we will continue to update on Facebook as well as this group. That will lead to evolving content, and soliciting neighbors for input for ensuring a next step.

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